Working classical, October 16th 1999

    Liverpool... a great place to go out, but I'm affraid that apart from the nightlife I saw very little of the city and no Beatles related sites whatsoever. In fact, I believe I've gotta go back to see all the rest of Liverpool.

This is the Calais beach at 9.30 am
We're on our way to Liverpool (an 8 hour journey), this is inside the Hovercraft, which takes 30 minutes to cross the Channel

    On Friday October 17th Paul attended the rehearsal of the Loma Mar string Quartet in Hope street, which is in the same street as the Liverpool Philharmonic. Unfortunately, ordinary fans like us didn't know about the rehearsal until the day after when we read the newspapers. Also on Friday was the Macca-l gathering in Victoria street; it's so much more comfortable to have dinner with other listers then to stand on the streets in the cold! On Saterday I wasn't sobered up yet when I arrived at the Liverpool Philharmonic, where a dozen fans/friends were already waiting. I stayed there about an hour and then went back home but was too excited to go back to bed. When I went back at 1.30 pm to the Philharmonic I went to a café to drink a cup of tea since by that time I had a serious headache. Paul arrived shortly afterwards, around 2 pm but only two fans saw him enter the building.

    I spend the afternoon in a pub drinking white wine which is more comfortable then waiting in the cold at the Philharmonic. Later I heared that the 20 fans who stayed there were rewarded by an autograph from Paul at 6 pm. During the concert I wanted to leave ASAP during the interval because I'd forgotten my photocamera at home. And so I did, but then the security people told me I wasn't allowed back in if I didn't have my ticket with me so I returned to the concerthall, but then just in front of me was Paul going to the bar. As usual Mark Hamilton positioned himself right in front of me but I managed to shake hands with Paul after all and say to him: "Hey, I'm Tijl from Belgium", which made him say: "Oh that's great!" After the concert Paul got on stage and gave a speech. I took 20 pictures there, some of them are shown here...

Paul just got on stage Paul McCartney recieving more flowers Conductor Andrea Quinn can be seen behind Paul
    Paul on stage just before he speeched...

Obviously there are more flowers than Paul can handle
    Paul where he belongs... on stage, cheered by 1600 people

Shaking hands with great Paul looked happy that night Joking with the Liverpudlian family members
    I remember Paul thanked the Loma Mar Quartet for travelling such a long way (from the USA to Liverpool) to perform that night

Paul looking closely at the flowers he just got Paul McCartney in the spotlights It's a beautiful night
    Paul on stage just before he speeched...

    After the concert Paul left the building after only 5 to 10 minutes. I was standing at the wrong side of where Paul's car left so I've got some great pictures of Paul's back! Immediately after Paul left we wer allowed at the champagne reception which was more like a champagne deception to me, 'cause only a half glass of champagne is really too little for this boy!

    But... at the reception I got to talk to a very friendly journalist and he had one spare press kit, which I was really glad with because now I've got the RDR press kit and the Working Classical press kit in less then 3 weeks! The Press kit contains 2 CD's a wonderfull picture and some blablabla macca listers already know (biography, News release, articles). One CD is the full CD with only a sticker on it: "Promotional copy - not for sale". The other CD is a Maxi CD with 4 songs labeled "PROMOWC".

This is the CD itself Front cover Inside cover     ...One of the 2 promo CD's that were inside the Press kit...(every picture on this page can be clicked to enlarge)

The trip to Liverpool was well worth all the effort and I hope to see you all on one of the coming events,
P.S. Please e-mail me whenever you like!

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